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10 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

Have you ever heard the saying by Hippocrates, “Walking is a man’s best medicine?” We’d go further by stating that walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet can help you avoid the doctor altogether. As little as 15-30 minutes of walking every day can drastically improve not only a ...

Start today! Stroll with us mama + so much more 😉

Hooray for Family Waco, TX

The Waco Family Fun Fest is teaming with the Just Between Friends sale tomorrow, April 14th from 9 am - 2pm. at the Extraco Events Center General Exhibits Building. Bring the family and enjoy laser tag, roller skating, bounce houses, performances, princess tea parties, character meet and greets and lots of Free activities. The event is FREE with one canned food per person (otherwise $2 at the door)

Bring your kiddos to the FIT4MOM table for some fun exercise demonstrations! Any moms interested in joining Stroller Strides will get a special promotion this weekend only!

Moms OTR- Beyonce Themed Stroller Barre

Moms OTR- Beyonce Themed Stroller Barre

Celebrate the 1st day of the OTR II tour with a Beyonce themed Stroller Barre class! Barre + Beyonce = you know there will be some booty shaping going on!!

🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝ATTENTION BEEHIVE Tomorrow is Beyoncé Stroller Barre That is all 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

For the breastfeeding mamas! Take care of yourself so you can take care of them 😍💪 #healthymommy #healthybaby #fuelyourbody #hydrate #strengthinmotherhood “What you consume or don't consume nutritionally has an effect on your milk. One day of not consuming enough calories has a very small unnoticeable effect on the quality. But the more days you go without feeding and nurishing your own body the more compounded the effect it has on the quality of your milk. Basically, decide what kind of breastmilk you want to feed your baby and then hydrate and nourish your body likewise. A nursing mom should consume 500 more calories per day than you did when you were pregnant.” -Tonja Carpenter Postpartum Doula and Lactation Services of Waco, LLCs

Waco Moms Blog

Personally, I would rather talk about and mentally prepare for these things with some of my closest friends rather than after the fact when I'm on the phone with a complete stranger asking her about my bladder prolapse. Maybe you are not like me and you prefer the "Ignorance is Bliss" kind of route, I respect that. However, I get a lot of messages from old friends/new friends/friend of friends that are looking for a safe place to get information and talk about early motherhood issues. I can't help but feel like there is a need out there. You probably won't open a onesie and hear "Isn't that cute, I knew you would love it... and I made sure to include some bleach for the yellow poop that will overflow out of the back of it. Love ya girl!"

All of it!

Camp Careful

Camp Careful

Two different classes: 1:00pm: 3-6 yo class--Short 30 minute talk for young children to teach them about their private zones and how to keep them safe. 1:45pm: 7-12 yo class--45 minute talk for children/pre-teens discussing rules for day camp and summer camp safety, how to interact with coaches/counselors/friend/fellow campers, and specific tactics and scenarios used by sexual predators and how to deal with them. You must register to attend:

Stroller Strides Spring Kickoff

Stroller Strides Spring Kickoff

Let's celebrate spring with a Stroller Strides zoo workout!! Your $20 ticket gets you admission to the zoo, workout lunch, and raffle ticket for prizes including a BOB jogging stroller!!

Ticket sales for the Spring Kickoff and BON giveaway are now closed! If you weren’t able to purchase your ticket please contact Alex @ 2543404548 You can absolutely still join us for the workout if you want to handle zoo admission and lunch on your own! See y’all tomorrow 🦁🐵🦒🐘🦏🐆🦌🐻🐯

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“To all the women today who are mamas - you are stunning. Wear your stripes proudly. May our daughters only hear us speak positively about our bodies and how they’ve changed because we carried them. May they be raised in households where they are delighted in, celebrated, and cherished always and not based on their outward appearance. Speak life into their hearts." @jenn.newm Repost @takebackpostpartum #postpartum #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal

Did "springing forward" cripple anyone else last week? .... One of my favorite things to do to set up for the week ahead is to take Sundays to prep outfits. You can use a portable rack or just dedicate a certain section of your closet for this. Workout clothes are super comfy to sleep in so mom's morning routine is easy and all I have to do is get the kid ready. Of course, no one will judge you if your little one comes to workouts in their jammies and you change their diaper in the stroller. We're all trying our best to get our poop in a group 😉 So, will you be joining us tomorrow? >>><<< Or click the link in bio!

#repost @wacobirthcenter Had a great time learning about building a better Waco Birth Community and looking forward to continuing to work with these amazing people to make birth and beyond in Waco a wonderful experience for families! Thanks for hosting

@birthguy helping us build a better Waco Birthing Community and discussing #rockingdads Thank you @wacobirthcenter for hosting!

When #themotherhoodisreal This little angel was upset because resistance bands are for strength training not to eat 😂😭😍 What are your kiddos having crocodile tears about today? . I’m so glad I can be with her during my workout and not have to worry about her being left to cry for me or being called out to console her. She gets a quick snuggle and mama is right back in the game! . Want to workout with your baby? Claim your free pass @

So excited to experiment with my Waco Fresh Box from @texasnaturalliving Feeling adventurous maybe I’ll try some beet brownies 😋 📷 -Pinterest #pinwithme FIT4MOM Waco #eatlocal #wacotown #supportlocalbusiness #momsinbusiness #bossmoms #healthyandfit #freshandfit #fitmoms #FIT4MOM

You’re worried That there won’t be anyone there you know That no one will talk to you That you won’t be able to keep up That your kid will act up and disrupt the group That your body is different after having a baby and you aren’t quite sure how to get into or back into a fitness routine • Well guess what, mama We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re here. I won’t say don’t worry because c’mon we wouldn’t be moms if we didn’t worry But come try a class and let us show you how FIT4MOM is different And before you know it, you will be too

Who’s watching your baby while you workout? And who are they watching? @diaryofafitmommyofficial we got ya mama 😉 . . . . #FIT4MOM #Fun4Baby #wacofitmom #wacomom #strollerstrides #raiseemright

How ca-yuuute are these matching mommy and baby leggings!! @flexilexi_fitness Putting me in a summer state of mind despite cold temps coming our way. We will be inside the first part of this week. Show me a 🍍 if you still need to try your first class!

Did you catch Alex’s post in @wacomomsblog? 5 Reasons I’m Not “That” Fit Mom Do you feel like you need to drop the baby weight as soon as you’re recovered from birth? Did you actual GAIN weight breastfeeding? (gasp the pounds don’t melt away for all nursing moms) Do you need better reasons than hating yourself and your body? This is for you! I encourage you to exercise because it will make you healthier and happier. Eat well because food is fuel for your body (and your baby if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding) Live a healthy lifestyle to be an example for your kids (they can watch first hand at #strollerstrides 😉) So, last question- what kind of #fitmom are Y O U?

FIT4MOM 💙 @compleowaco 💚 @timeoutsitters Mamas of #wacotown need these resources for ourselves and our kiddos! Thanks for being awesome ladies 😘

Soo I only have one question... will @joannagaines overcome her fear of exercise in 2018 and come try #strollerstrides?! 😂😂😉 Congratulations Magnolia Mama!

Repost from @birth_waco @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Working on ⏰Making More Time⏰ this week in our Empowered Mama book club at @cultivate7twelve. And look at that #bossmom, @alexetprice with @fit4momwaco, leading our workshop!💪💋💪 #birthwaco #bossbabe #birthwaco #empoweredmama

We are wrapping up Stroller Strides for 2017. If you’d like a free home workout and tips to get you through the season of sweets and Christmassy treats sign up for your first class in January at the link in bio! Great things coming in 2018

Lean on me When you’re not strong I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on For it won’t be long Til I’m gonna need Somebody to lean on #strengthinmotherhood #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #fitmoms #mostimportantstretchisasmile

Excuse me do you have a minute to learn about Stroller Strides? It’s a full body workout that moms do with us babies My friends and I have so much fun because songs and games and tickles are built into the workout The moms enjoy chatting and meeting mom friends too Moms who just had their babies, pregnant moms, and moms of toddlers can come because its designed for pre and post natal women It’s new to Waco so if you haven’t heard of it that’s ok but you can try a class for F R E E!! Message my mommy for more info

Have you spent q u a l i t y time with your children today? What does that really even mean? Join us for The Empowered Mama book club starting tomorrow to dive into a workbook on top topics for moms who need or want to cultivate a life of balance and wellness. See you there 👩‍🏫

Celebrate baby's first Christmas with Geoffrey the ToyRUs giraffe. Be part of the fun with photo ops, giveaways, & more. The first 50 attendees will get a swag bag with goodies from ToyRUs and other local kid friendly companies.

Couldn’t let the month end without sharing our awesome mom of the month! Aero gets up early and takes a drive to get to Stroller Strides in Hewitt and what she gets it so worth the trip! • What does Stroller Strides do for you (or mean to you)?: Stroller Strides gives me a reason to get out of the house a few days a week and I get to hang out with other moms and make new friends. Stroller Strides means a lot because it helps keep away the feeling of loneliness that comes with becoming a new mom. I’m also happy Elara gets to experience new things and play with other babies.” • We love playing with her sweet baby and watching her grow and learn and then heading to baby time @hewittpubliclibrary for books and tummy time with Mrs. Amber. She pushes the other mamas to work hard and is a great example of health and strength for her little one! Head over to the website for her full interview. Link is in bio above. Click ‘Mom of the Month’ in the menu bar